HM 1400 FB model
seal width 1400

status: SOLD


Highly efficient sealing machine for the production of packaging with a bottom seal

Machine Model: HM 1400 FB
producer: Hemingstone Machinery

1 item Unwinder
1 piece. Bottom weld knife (lower and upper heating tape)
1 piece. Spinning knife
1 item. Photocell
1 unit. Servo engine
1 pc. Automatic receiving table
1 pc. Foil feed motor and automatic foil tension control
The width of the film is 1300 mm / max
The length of the film 3000 mm / max
Film thickness 0.04-0.50 mm / max (total)
Capacity 20-90 pcs / min
2.5 kw engine
Power 5.0 Kw
Air compressor (not included)
Machine weight 2300kg
Dimensions of the machine: 7.30 × 2.20 × 1.30 (length x width x height)